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brake light always on

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  • brake light always on

    hi all im in need of some help, my peaugeot 206 has constantly got the brake lights on even when i hav'ent got my foot on the brake? what is causing this?
    thanks in advance

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    lol. is that not a standard feature on pugs?

    i read the title and before i even clicked on the link to see what you wrote, i was expecting it to be about a peugeot!

    dont know what the problem is, just seen a fair few that way on the motorways etc. the first place i'd check would be the switch at the top of the brake pedal


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      I always thought it was becuase someone put a single filament bulb in a tail light, which would short the brake light circuit to the tail lights, but that would only cause the brake to be on when parking lights are on.


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        I would bet its a failure of the switch, but there may be an issue with the brake pedal return spring failing to return the pedal to the top where it would engage the switch.

        If you can pull the pedal to the top and it turns off the switch is alright, but if not you may need to replace or oil the mechanics of the switch.
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          another thing to check that happens to 240's a lot is what the switch contacts to sense the brake pedal isn't being depressed. 240's have this little plastic mushroom thing, it's so cool, after a few years it deteriorates and falls out so you get out of your car one day and come back to a dead batt because the brake lights were on all night. Has happened to me twice, now I simply duct taped a quarter up in there, been like that for a year and a half with no problems ^_^
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            Yep sounds like a faulty brake light switch
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              found the switch, it is located on the passengers side(for some strange reason) so i changedit now it works fine,thanks


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                very strange. glad you got it sorted anyway!


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                  thread moved to it has nothing to do with CarPCs.
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