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Hit and Runner Gets 0WNED

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  • Hit and Runner Gets 0WNED

    in 5 posts even
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    Nice one


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      What are the chances of that!
      Everyones a winner, well except for the idiot that took off. He's going to lose big time.
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        strange they ask for donations as well
        Buy Sell or Trade
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          I'd like to open up donatation to get "GF a dSLR so he can do the same for you" fund. For your kind donation, you will get a big cool sticker signifying your contribution to this worthwhile cause. how is this worthwhile? If you ever get in an accident in my vicinity, and i see your sticker, i will take pics. If you are the cause of the accident, i didn't see nuttin'

          jk jk. That is just too awesome for words though. i applaud that guy!
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            Holy ****!
            That's jsut awesome!
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

            Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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              owned? Crap, I am getting old. That just sounds ... odd to me. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. Funny none-the-less.
              It's been a while...


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                see? it really does pay to leave your $3500 camera gear on the back seat.
                you just never know when you will have a need to jump into action.


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                  I hope this guy gets what he deserves too! Damn that is good timing and luck.
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                    Originally posted by Motorcity View Post
                    see? it really does pay to leave your $3500 camera gear on the back seat.
                    you just never know when you will have a need to jump into action.
                    A $100 digicam will do aswell, for such things. Though, a canon EOS is just a nice "toy"
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                      I hope he goes to jail and all the murders and mentally diranged people RUN TRAIN on his ***.

                      That's what happens when you buy an import and think you're a fast and furious redneck.
                      - sh00k
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