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New Faceplate for my Car Stereo?

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  • New Faceplate for my Car Stereo?

    Hey I got a car a while ago that came with a Pioneer DEH-45 CD head unit but the face plate was missing. Does anyone know a way to get a replacement Face plate? I checked Google but did'nt find much help there.
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    You have to order them straight from Pioneer. They may not even sell you one. It's an Anti-Theft deal. I know Sony and Clarion will not sell replacement face plates. Thier usually digitally encoded with the same number as the head unit itself.


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      i belive pioneer will sell you a replacement face, at an over-inflated price, but you will need 3 forms of ID, and the original reciept for the deck. Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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        Originally posted by hornet
        but you will need 3 forms of ID, and the original reciept for the deck.
        Good god, I hope you're exaggerating. It's only a stereo.
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          A friend of me lost his faceplate while he was drunk on an open air festival. He tried to get replacement from panasonic- no way even on the cheap model he had. So he had to buy a new one.
          Today if you buy car stereo you'll have to keep the bill / receipt or a kind of ID card ( i ve one for my blaupunkt) to get exchange faceplate or Keycard etc.. .

          Its unfair but its security to prevent bad people of stealing your stereo.

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            You see replacement faceplates on ebay from time to time. My mate was lucky enough to find one for his particular sony, after he sat on his and broke the lcd.
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