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what type of epoxy\glue?

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  • what type of epoxy\glue?

    I need some suggestions for PERMANENT installation.

    I need to know what would be the best appropriate long-term epoxy\glue suggestion to apply to the underside of a vehicle's main frame to attach steel wire onto for holding up LED lights.

    I also need suggestion for doing the same thing for the wheel wells as well.(i do not know if you can use the same glue, that's why i asked this too).

    I dont know what to use but i know what i need.
    I need an epoxy in gel form because all work is done vertically so cannot have any "dripping" epoxy at all. I just do not know what to use.

    Again, i need something that will last for a LONG time. Resistant to solvents, water, ice, salt, dirt, oil, grease, etc...

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    IF you are attaching metal wire to metal on the vehicle, then use JB-Weld.