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Studying in the US - Hints and tips would be great!

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  • Studying in the US - Hints and tips would be great!

    My name is Robin Alexander, I'm currently 19 years old and is born, raised and live in Norway. This is also where most of my family is from, except some members in Denmark.

    The last 5-6 years I have, at school, exhibitions etc, been introduced to the option of studying in the US.

    I know this is a car and car entertainment forum, as I've been reading on these boars for years, and that it wouldnt be the right place to ask questions about cons and pros considering different states, universities etc., but as I've always have had a great interest for cars - I would want to keep a car as I'm studying. Cars are my life!

    First of, due to travelling home a few times a year, the best place for me to live, I think, would be on the eastcoast - say, Florida? Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale etc? If you have any other tips, bring them on, with pros and cons!

    My real submeaning with this post is that I keep wonder how it is to keep a car in the US?! As of today I have an Audi A3, '97, which over here is worth 80 000NOK, about $13.000. What kind of car would I get for those money in the US?

    Insurance; How is that handled? Prices, etc...
    Here I pay 18 000NOK a year, $3000 for a full insurance. it covers damages on other cars, my car and a rental car for how long as I need if anything occurs. We also pay insurance as per car basis, which means that the car is insured, and not the driver (as I know it is in the UK - as I have a few friends there).

    My dream would be to put some more money in and get myself a Mustang, Corvette, Viper or something really cool which everyone dreams about.
    How much of a difference is it in insurance on the cars, compared to getting a Honda Prelude, Toyota celica, Dodge stratus, Audi A3 / Audi A4?

    is it possible to get a few links to some sites where I could search for used cars? Both retailers and private persons.
    Links for some insurance companies?

    ... And, as a sidething, could anyone tell me about some areas to live in, general accomondation prices, part-time (Night and evening) jobs which brings an ok/decent sallary?

    I would really, REALLY appreciate all the help I can get, as I want all of this to happen during spring/summer 2008!

    In advance, thank you all very much!!

    Robin Alexander.

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    for international student, your best chance are west coast
    stick with washington or california

    $13.000 hmm...
    you can get a brand new honda fit
    2001 honda accord
    or a 2004/5 toyota corolla
    or a 2000 mercedes c240
    or a 2000 audi a4
    it all depends on the car condition and mileage
    repair cost is expensive in US, only buy jap. car

    insurance depends on your age, driving record, car, etc
    my first rate was $1500/6months for 06 accord sedan full cover
    500/500 deductible

    anyway, if you're coming with F1 visa. You can only work on campus or find those chinese restaurant and wash their plate haha

    used/new car :
    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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      Probably not going to be too easy. Lots of old vettes out there though. I think you will pay quite a bit on insurance though, as you have no credit history.
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        If your buying a used car, think the southern US... they use a lot of salt on the roads in the north. I moved from Michigan to Alabama a few years ago... and I love it! The cars last longer, more people enjoy working on cars down here, and the weather is so much nicer!

        Also, Car Insurance on a Mustang is 1/2 the cost! All states have different requirements for car insurance so it would be a good idea check into it!


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          Try to check on used cars.

          You might also try to check on insurance rates. Not sure how it'll work for you without an address in the US.

          You'll find a much lower cost of living in the midwest than on the coast. The cost of flying home on occasion from further away would be less than the extra cost of rent, food, etc. each month.


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            For information comparing the cost of living as well as almost anything you can think of, try If you want to compare the US to your home country, try

            East coast - the further south you go, the cheaper it will be to live and work. Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina all have reasonable cost of living. As you move North you will find that housing and cost of living is higher. Naturally, in large cities like Washington D.C., New York, Boston, you will find it quite expensive.

            Insurance and taxes are also lower in the Southeast U.S. As noted already, the Midwest has lower costs of living. Texas also has reasonable cost of living. You'll find that the West coast is generally a higher cost of living, much like the Northeast.

            Of course, you can't beat the weather in Southern California but you'll find a very different culture there vs. much of the rest of the U.S. Some people like it more, some people like it less. To me, it is just different. It's all America, but there are many different forms of 'America'. You can travel around for a very long time and be continually surprised at the differences.
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              Michigan, if you know how to drive in the snow that is Seriously, we have quite a bit in common with your country. Completely hijacking this but... I went to school with this limey (sorry brits) and it took us a while to retrain her, every time she would drive she would drive on the right side of the road, until she got drunk, that was scary Come on over, you will enjoy it.