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Where to find specific information about large companies?

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  • Where to find specific information about large companies?

    Well i am doing a ppt presentation for my Inustrial Management class. And I am doign the ppt on Computer Associates (CA). I am just having a hard time finding certain info. Maybe somebody would be able to guide me into the correct direction. I already email CA and they have not responded to any of my emails.
    Where would i be able to find the companies current financials also?
    This is the info i need:

    Analysis of the businesses operations and supply chain management relative to its competitive advantage.

    A description of the firms business strategies, business models.

    An Analysis of the companies management, organization and technology issues related to their operations and supply chain.
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      I'm not sure a company would want to give out info like that...

      Might be worth looking at what it's worth on the stock exchange, figures may be put on the internet for shareholders to see.

      Business models might be on their website too. Have a look to see if they have a seperate website that handles their business side of things rather than their making business side of things


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        Look in the companies annual reports. You can get to them at or use edgar online.

        You are looking for the 10k reports.

        You might also write the investor relations people about any questinos.
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