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  • A year on

    Well I've now been here a year and I thought I'd share my progress (if you can call it progress), hopefully a few of you can add to this with what you've all done, it'll be nice to see where we're all at a year on.

    I got the MK1 system up and running in the Mini, it worked, played mp3s, and was pretty cool, around xmas. Stripped it out a while back when the Mini came off the road about Feb time (that lasted long) and now it's been converted back into a PC for my sister to take to Uni, and I'm looking to sell the car aswell.

    Started work on the MK2 system in April, with very high asperations, however this is proving to be a head case and a half, I've got most of the bits, but getting them to work and work together is causing my head to hurt big style. Currently looking for a newer Mini to stick it all in.

    Well that's me, what have you all achieved in the last year?
    And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows? (Does what it says on the URL) (The new car, with zero rust!) (My other site)
    Total re-design underway: on the whole progress is very slow as the car is taking up too much time :)

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    My story is very similar to yours, I'm just about 6 months ahead of you

    I had an original system, it was just a small box and a 4x40 lcd. It was nice, it played mp3s. About a year ago I ripped it out, started collecting parts for the new one.

    A $1500 car repair put a dent in my plans

    Finally, this summer, I got my screen installed. A little bit of polishing up, some software, and I can call 2.0 complete!


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      I've been here too long.

      I assembled my first system a few months before I joined, and have been using the same one ever since. Besides having defective hard drive the first time (died on a trip to Cleveland...DeLorean convention) and killing a 2nd hard drive because of a bad Arise DC-DC, and loosing a motherboard due to a car accident, things have been fine.

      I can't believe I have over 2000 posts...Perhaps I need a life? Hmmm....
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        Well, I don't know about a year ago, but my WHOLE system PLANS have changed so much. I started out planning on using a 100mhz 486, which was replaced by a P75, then a Celeron 400(whiche I killed.. :P, P100, a P133, then a P200MMX, down to a PPro180, and back to the P200MMX.... I ranged from using a 16X2 character LCD to a 40X4 lcd, and finally to a 10.4inch VGA LCD..... Started out planning on using a linear supply (never got made) switched to a sproggy(didn't finish it) so, I changed back to a linear supply, which I used for about 2 months, adn then finally finished teh sproggy... Originally planned on using a custom MDF case, and a 1gig HD, 2X CDrom... That changed to the celery with 1 gig drive still.. :P BLAAAHH!!!! now, I have a P200MMX, 32meg of ram, 4 X CDROM, sproggy, 6.4gig HD, 10.4inch LCD, fullsize k/b and mouse.... umm.... with an FM tuner card, Network card, external graphics, and sound cards.. :P
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          While I haven't been on the forums for a year, I built my first system about a year ago, my mk1 system have you, and i think that lasted about 3 weeks before being replaced by a better "mk2" system, that still being worked on (my lower dashboard area has been apart for 3 or 4 months now as I slowly come up with new things to add ).

          Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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            Ive had the same setup for 2 years pretty much... p200mmx system, 64mbram, no display.. irman control.
            the only things that changed was the car (i wrecked the first.. computer and harddrive still worked fine afterwards :-P!!).. then i swapped hd's a few times (8 to 10 gig, 10 to 20 gig, 20 to 40 gig, then i think ill need a 80 soon!).. and swapped my 16 bit iSA card for a SBLive.
            No problems with the computer at all.. only problem has been using Inverters.. too hot for the first kind, then i switched to another brand.. then didnt hook up the swoitch right (kaplooey)..
            so workin on dc-dc now.
            99 ram 5.9 turbo
            P4 2.0, MicroATX, Audigy2nx, Monster Cable / Alpine.
            Coming soon: Indash motorized, 5.1, dvdrw, gps, bluetooth, wifi, and more!