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Is BMW Rain Sensor Impossible???

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  • Is BMW Rain Sensor Impossible???


    I have been working on a BMW E46... making a few changes and adding a few things. And to make more up to date I decided to give it the facelifted look!

    Well, one of the features that came along with time was the Rain Sensor and the related function that I find cool, the Lightronic. So I went to the ebay and got a Rain-Sensor with the Lightronic function and I also got the Ligth module that allows the automatic mode by turning it the the left. Didn't know if it was gonna work but they were relatively cheap so I decided to risk.

    Anyway, talking to the folks from the BMW they say that it is impossible to do it because it is impossible to run the required wires. Then the guys there were divided about the possibility of adding that functionality to the car's control module or Ibus (didn't quite understood this part)... But in the end the problem, as they told me, would mostly com down to the wiring.

    Can anybody tell me if it is just a matter of running wires? And if so, is it really impossible to do it?

    My car have to go in to program the Multifuction Steering Wheel so if possible I would take the opportunity to get rain-sensor/lightronic working too. But I know that up ahead that anything related to the instalation is on me.

    Here are some photos of what i'm doing.
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    well its the whole system ibus and all.... good luck


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      I have a rain detector.
      It's called the windshield. If there are drops on it, it's raining!

      Seriously, though... Good luck. I know nothing about Bimmers, so couldn't help you a drop. Just figured I'd toss ina chuckle or three.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        I don't know exactly when will I do it because I'll have the help from a friend of a friend who works at BMW. He told me he would investigate as much as he could to see what can be done. So I decided to come here and try to find out something myself. There's a lot of people who seems to know so much around here.

        All E46 have the same Electronic Module, the "A1 (GM V)-Electronic Module. And since the module can be programmed, in theory, it should made possible to add other functions to any car. For example, my car is going in to add things that it didn't bring from factory like cruise control or auto doors lock.

        But I don't know if the Module is fully programmable or not. Anyway, starting from the fact that the Modules are all the same, I decided to give some thought about it. If I was an engineer I would try as much as possible not to change the original layout in order to reduce costs.
        So, for the rain sensor, I would create a sensor with the ability to process information and then I would connect it to the clock that controls the intermitent function.
        And for the light sensor, I would do pretty much the same connecting it to a switch that would allow manual and automatic function. Eventually leaving the "I-bus" out of the question at this point. But this is just me guessing.

        Running around the Ebay I also came accross the Hella Raintronic which is an aftermaket solution. They are the manufacturers of the OEM version and when you compare the two they look very similar. But I would prefer to use the OEM version... If possible... For the looks and for the Lightronic.

        Just out of curiosity, the Hella raintronic works with BMW's from 87!
        (Yeah, that's right, from 1987! )
        Here are the models:
        E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, and E46