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Building a fuel trailer

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  • Building a fuel trailer

    OK. The plan was originally to buy a fuel trailer to get my (specialty) fuel from someone outside town that didn't charge an arm & a leg. When I got the fuel trailer, turns out it's just about fallin apart with the exception of the tank itself.

    So the thought is, take the tank off it's current trailer & put it on a new one. The one I found is one that used to be the back half of a pickup. Appears to be an 80something chevy fullsize. Appears to have the original transaxle & frame underneath it. Appears to have good leafsprings & shocks.

    OK. Link for the fuel (crap)trailer that I bought.

    Info on the (truckbed) trailer, just what I have above and a bunch of crappy blurry pics I took with my wife's camera.
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    By the way, FYI, this is mostly so that another member can see the pics of the trailers for thoughts on what modification will be necessary. But constructive criticism is always appreciated.