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In the DC metro area & like to work on cars? I could use some help :)

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  • In the DC metro area & like to work on cars? I could use some help :)

    I'm guessing this is cool to post here...
    Ok here's the thing, I'm ex-military so I was used to working on my car at the base's auto craft shop, but now that I'm out after 8 years... I no longer 'legally' have access to the shop. I have quite a few parts I need to install on the Cobra, shocks/struts/springs/lower rear control arms, full master bushing kit... etc..
    I have done/do all the work on my car myself, but this is definitely going to be a two person job and though I've done most of the work, like changing front wheel bearings, cat-back exhaust, installing the carpc setup, etc on the city street... if someone has a driveway/garage/shop and the willingness to help me out, I would be indebted to you.
    I'm sure we could work out some form of compensation, be it inkyhol (I don't drink, but I'll buy if for ya), $$$, or me helping you out with a project... whatever...

    This is one of the first steps in getting my Cobra back into tip top shape

    Hit me up if you're interested. And many, many thanks in advance

    The W3bMa5t3r