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  • Air Condition Problem

    Dear experts,

    I have a 96 Honda Civic.

    Recently, I replaced my Upstream Oxygen Sensor, in order to reach it, I tried to move the radiator. I unscrew one screw on the radiator, then I heard air releasing sound.

    When I was done with the oxygen sensor, I realized my A/C was gone.

    I went to the store and bought a recharging kit. But A/C is still not functioning right, I don't feel the difference.

    I really need your help.

    Thank you so much.


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    to recharge the ac the right way, it needs to be vacumed first & then charged with the correct amount of freon, those little kits they sell can be ok if your system is just a little low to give it a boost, but to fully charge an empty system you should take it to a shop with the correct equiptment for this really.., a car like that may take around 2 pounds of freon give or take, doing this with those tiny cans can cost as almost as much as having it done right & won't work as good either..
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        Sounds like you created a leak, that will need to be fixed.... then recharge.
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          Could be a leak, but he removed a cap. That shouldn't really cause it to depressurise though. Was it the low pressure or high pressure side? High is the insulated one. I think they both have valves.