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Programing DEI alarms

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  • Programing DEI alarms

    I just bought a new car that came with a non functioning Hornet 730t alarm. I got it all wired back together earlier today but I can't seem to find the correct install manual to program it. I tried the manual for the 740t but the programing modes appear to be different.

    The instructions that I have say to open the door, turn on the ignition, press the button once, press it X number of times to get to desired mode, hold the valet button down, and press the button on the remote. By randomly guessing what mode (DEI calls them channels) I was able to get the arm/disarm and the doors to unlock/lock using button (I). I can't seem to get button (II) to work. The LED on the remote lights up when i press one or both buttons. Any help or links to manuals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      are you trying to program new remotes? if so, heres how you do it.

      1.- open a door.
      2.- turn the ignition on
      3.- push the valet switch and release it.
      4.- push and hold the valet switch. you will hear a chirp.
      5.- push button one in your'e remote, you will hear another chirp.
      meaning channel one was programed successfully.(arm/disarm channel 1)
      6.- now release the valet, and immediately push, release, and push hold, now
      you gonna hear 2 chirps, push button 2 in your'e remote. again you will hear
      a long chirp to confirm a successful programing.(aux channel 2)

      !done! now you can turn the ignition off.
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