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Need new quiet tires (in Canada)

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  • Need new quiet tires (in Canada)


    I have a 2002 Protege and I would like to replace the all season tires before winter. I live in Calgary, Alberta and the roads get very icy and snowy each winter. Performance in the rain isnt really a big concern for me, because it almost never rains here.

    I would also like tires which are as quiet as possible, as I notice a ton of road noise from my stock tires, especially on highways. I am completely obsessed with noise reduction, so I really really want quiet tires.

    I am a complete noob when it comes to tires, and so I will probably be doing a fair bit of research. But based on my needs, maybe someone can recommend a good model of tires? Where should I go to buy and get my tires installed at? Should I go to a large retailer like Canadian Tire/Walmart, or at more specialty stores such as Midas, Fountain Tire etc..? Cheaper is better obviously. Here is a list of all season tires sold at Canadian Tire (you can use postal code t3r1n9):

    Would one of these suit my needs?

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    Can't go wrong with Micheline (Symetry or Harmony). But get use to the idea of changing to winter tires in the winter. Yes, I have driven in Alberta and I know how bad the ice can get. I can not see how anything other than winter tires can survive the winter around your neck of the woods.

    I would be very careful with Canadian Tire. They have been known to screw up little jobs as well as big jobs. Better off to take it to any other place. Walmart and Costco have a good reputation.