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  • Oregon

    I will be leaving Maryland here shortly to go to Oregon to study for a semester. I was wondering if any from Oregon could suggest any cool things that I should visit while I am there. I will be at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR, 15 miles away from the California border.

    I will be driving across America (2800 miles or so) so if there is anything cool that I should check out along the way please let me know.

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    Well, I'd say see St. Louis, but where kinda out of your way.


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        Originally posted by Skippman
        SEE ROCK CITY!
        Where is it?


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          Rock City

          I forgot that it's in Georga. But check it out on the web anyway. It's pretty cool actually. My parents took me there as a kid. Some of the older members of the board may remember the little red barns everywhere that used to say "See Rock City".


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            Oregon rocks. Don't live there, but have been there a couple dozen times. Looks like you're a short jaunt from Medford - I'd highly suggest the rafting trips along the Rogue River. Crater Lake is a decent trip, too. I was just there a few weeks ago but Crater Lake was pretty much closed because the smoke from the forest fires was so bad. Bummer. Seen it before, though.
            I must also mention the Ocean (duh) and the Redwood Forests just a little ways into California along the coast.
            Driving out there, you might want to spend a day or two at Yellowstone. Beautiful country all over the Rockies. You really can't go wrong no matter which route you take.
            Good Luck!
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