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Getting Rid of AOL

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  • Getting Rid of AOL

    Here's a challenge, try and cancle and AOL account, they will do almost anything to keep you. But after alo of convincing I finally pursaded them that I really did nto want them any more.


    PS if you want free intrnet access: get AOl, then tell them that you want to quite, they'll then give you a months free access, when this is comming to an end tell them you want to quite a gain, they'll then offer you another month's free access to stay with them. Not sure how many time you can do this, but I got 2 months before I put my foot down and told them that I really, really wanted to leave them.
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    if you get (un)lucky when you try to quit sometimes they will offer you more than a month to try it out and see if you do want to quit for sure.



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      I don't know why anyone would join AOL in the first place!! M.A.V.I.C. System
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        same thing with verizon dsl. I got a free month from them and then canceled and they offered me up to 6 free months to stay on with them. To bad their dsl service sucks in my area.
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          Wow! I remember leaving AOL, at least 4 years ago...

          I finally cancelled my account, only to have some arsehole re-open it and proceed to run up a huge bill on it. I would have found this quite difficult cause I formatted my computer to get rid of the horrible AOL 4 beta that I was stuck with! Eventually, they re-closed the account and we haven't herd from them since. Personally I think the only good thing about AOL is winamp, and I'd rather pay for that than have to live with the knowledge that I am using AOL softare

          Although I do love winamp...


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