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  • looking for Headphones

    i'm looking for some good headphones too, actually im looking for great headphones. something studio quality. will be listening to music and listening to dvds. thanks. price?...hmm budget is ~$250

    i realize great & the word budget shouldnt be in the same sentence

    edit: this isnt a wtb thread really, id like to know a bit about headphones, and with the info i'll use it to go buy headphones....weird i know but i mainly wanted this to be a discussion thread about a variety of headphones.
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    Has anybody used the Bose noise canceling? or is it more marketing like the rest of their products?
    screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"


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      i think there was a thread about headphones awhile ago... not sure though.
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        These ROCK

        Deep Bass and Extra Wide Soundfield
        Whether you are a mixer, a gamer, or an avid listener, you'll love the 3D effect of Ultrasone HFI.700 headphones. The soundstage of the Ultrasone HFI.700's is enormous. Normally, closed headpones are said to have an in-the-head-feeling - not so for the HFI.700. The music is out-of-the-head. With the Ultrasone HFI.700 you can clearly identify the location of instruments.

        Ultrasone HFI.700 at a Glance:

        * Isolation without giving up the honest sound of an open headphone.
        * Natural Surround Sound, directions and distances can be heard and perceived.
        * 40% lower dB output for the same loudness sensation reduces risk of hearing loss.
        * Reduced Magnetic Field Emissions.
        * Frequency response especially tuned for DVD.
        * Extended low frequency response.
        * Earcups fold back and up without having to remove headphones.

        Open Sound in Isolation
        HFI.700 Professional headphones offer complete isolation without giving up the honest sound of an open headphone. High class, sensitive, gold plated drivers provide a maximum of transparency. With S-Logic the sound is perceived in front of you and beside you, broad and detached. SPL's reduced up to 40%. For studio, professional, DVD and general music enjoyment. No other ULTRASONE has such a long list of reference customers.

        S-Logic Natural Surround Sound
        Through the S-Logic Natural Surround Sound the usual headphone sound will be moved out of the head in the room around you. The sound is no longer locked in, but appears broad and detached. With Ultrasone HFI.700, directions and distances can be heard and perceived - it's just like being in a live concert.

        For this new technology additional equipment is not required. A pair of Ultrasone HFI.700 headphones plus a simple CD player and you will be ready for the 3-dimensional music enjoyment!

        Safer Hearing
        In addition, the HFI.700 is easy on the ears: The S-Logic Natural Surround Sound System allows an up to 40% lower dB output (3-4 dB) for the same loudness sensation, thereby the risk of hearing defects may be reduced enormously.

        Reduced Magnetic Field Emissions
        Like all the ULTRASONE products, the HFI.700 has substantially reduced radiation. The standard version LE (= Low Emission) offers a reduction of approximately 50% in comparison with ordinary headphones. Ultrasone HFI.700 is certified and recommended by Technical Surveillance Organizations and Consumer Advice Centers with certified low magnetic field emissions.

        The superior Ultrasone HFI.700 headphones are developed from the studio sector and are distinguished by a frequency response especially tuned for DVD. Sophisticated home cineasts and music enthusiasts are overwhelmed by the extraordinary sound that appears as though you are listening to speakers meters away from your head. Also demanding PC gamers appreciate the HGI.700 because of the impressing three-dimensional sound-effects.

        Extended Low Frequency Range
        The low frequency ranges of the Ultrasone HGI.700's are extended in order to accomodate the frequency response found in DSP-Systems like Dolby Headphone and Yamaha Silent Cinema.

        Foldable Earcups
        The Ultrasone HFI.700s have an additional features which enables you to fold back and up the individual earpiece without removing these headphones from your head in order to be connected immediately with the "outside world" again. Because of this folding mechanism, Ultrasone HFI.700 headphones can be easily stored and transported in a suitcase. Thanks to its closed construction, external noise is suppressed.

        Ultrasone HFI.700 Features:

        * Foldable closed-back, circum-aural.
        * Dynamic principle.
        * S-Logic Natural Surround Sound.
        * Fq resp 10Hz -25kHz.
        * Impedance 75 ohms.
        * Sound Pressure Level 94dB.
        * cable length: 10ft. (3m)
        * 3.5 mm gold plated plug, 6.3mm gold plated adapter.
        * Color: Black with gold earpiece.
        * Carry case included.
        * Straight Cable.
        * German Technology.
        * reduces EMF emissions (radiation) by up to 60%.
        * Weight (without cord) 9oz (265 grams).
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        Thanks - Eric Scott
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