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PHP..Im getting a bogus login prompt

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  • PHP..Im getting a bogus login prompt

    Ive got IIS4 running and php installed...had to do some of it "manually". Anyways, Ive got all the permissions set up propperly (IUSR_MACHINENAME with exe and script rights), but when I try and access one of my php pages, I get a login prompt. All you have to do is hit "enter" though and the page appears. I tried turning off windows authentication, but it then just says I am denied access to the page when I load it...but no login prompt. So it seems like Anonymous access is turn off for my php pages...yet you can login anonymously when the prompt comes up...

    Something is screwy! Any suggestions?

    I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

    My way outdated website:

    FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985