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  • Roaming Profile Problems


    Wondering if any Network Admins can help me. We're not quite big enough to have a fully fledged IT dept. So I have to muddle through on my own.

    My problem is to do with Roaming Profiles. When a user adds things to their desktop or my documents folder on one PC then shuts down it uplodas it to the server copy, which is fine. But if you then login to a different machine and then delete those items, often they will re-appear when you log back onto the original machine.

    Anybody know what I'm talking about, and if so is there a GP setting or something I can tweak ?



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    tell the server to stop it. Give it a kick. /shrugs
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      This is probably one fo a few situations:
      - The user has a local profile on one workstation and roaming on another.
      - The user could be logging onto more than one workstation at the same time, causing the mix-up.
      - They could be doing a hard shutdown at some point, causing the profile on the server not to be updated.

      My suggestion is to delete the user's profile on one workstation (when the user is not logged on, obviously) and remove the user's SID from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\ProfileList\<SID>.
      Have the user log onto that workstation to pull the profile down, then log off the workstation.

      The last scenario is the worst: The user's profile is corrupt. We deal with this all the time.
      We're a big organization and have custom tools to handle a damaged profile.
      In a smaller organization, your best bet is probably just to blow the profile away on the server and all workstations and rebuild it from ground zero.

      Good luck!
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        As above also option 4 your using a slow network. Windows is set by default to timeout getting a profile. If its taking to long it will only pick up the user setting and dump the rest reverting to a local older profile for my docs and desktop. You could either create a policy that only saves the use full stuff and put a size limit on the profile to speed it up or set it not to time out. A 200 meg profile can still take ages on a 10meg network. I have deliberately set the profiles not to save my documents and the like and users are told to save stuff only on the fileservers.
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