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tool to make pics of equal size .....

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  • tool to make pics of equal size .....

    Hi ,
    Like I was so well helped with my font question I decidet to post anotherone:
    Here it comes
    I'm searching a tool to make pictures of equal size like (i do my best to explain it as best as possible ) a type of mask (?) to put over for example i wisch pics of 200x300 (just a example) that i get a "mask " to put over the image and that the rest of the pic is thrown to trash . Like the choise cursor on photoshop or photo impact but that the choice mask alredy is set to 200x300 and that i have just to position it and click .
    Puhhh i did my best - hope its comprehensive enough.

    Many Thanks

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    I am assuming you want to crop them all to the same size, not resize then. You can set a defined selection size in Photoshop. In the selection tool properties set the style to "fixed size" then click on the picture and the selection box will be shown. Then just go up to Image>Crop. M.A.V.I.C. System
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