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Adventures of my Mess up Neighbor Conclusion

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  • Adventures of my Mess up Neighbor Conclusion

    Well last wednesday I had another interesting day. I went to talk to my insurance and he told me wacko was illegally parked. So he said offer him 250 which is what I think is fair for the amount of damage. If he doesnt take it then I could take him to court.

    His mom flew out of fargo so im guessing she must of talked some sense into wacko. Because he came over and wanted to borrow some electric tape. Being the nice person that I am I gave it to him. He said that we dont have to pay anything! wow! and hes totaling the car out which to me is a good idea because that thing is so bad luck.

    Heres the kicker please read this part.

    Anyway we kept on talking and something coming lose on his sons car. they are going to keep driving it till it blows up, and collect more money out of the insurance guy.

    At this point in my life im just going to let that go. I know nothing!

    Im glad that he came around. Kudos to his mommy for talking him down! as screwed up as he is hes still my neighbor! The other one can kiss my ***