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    So i currently have a 2006 civic EX, and i am looking to buy a new car..

    i payed off my car 2 months ago. dealers around here said its worth 14000

    i wanna buy a new car, or used with less then 2k miles for under 30,000

    i orignaly looked a the 2007 350z but i am wondering what else is out there for me to take a look at...

    any suggestions/ideas?

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    Keep the damm CIVIC....just dont buy a GM


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      2005- Mustang?


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        Originally posted by Dragpack View Post
        2005- Mustang?

        yea.....better then a GM car


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          LOL! Mustang better than a GM car? I'm not even going to touch that...
          Anybody who makes significantly more money than you do.

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            no stang or gm for me...


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              Here in England we obviously get different cars than you - but from experience of UK Fords (old and new), GM,s (from Vauxhalls, Saabs etc) and Jaguars, I would have to go with the Jag, although any Jap can not be beaten on reliability!

              But what do I drive?

              I have a Saab 9-3 Convertible which I have had from new (now 2 years old) - this replaced a long run of Jags.
              And as my main/daily cars: Mustangs. I have three. I know they are "cheap" cars and built to a price, but they have proved ultra reliable.

              The Saab has been in the dealers repair shop more than out, but I have NEVER been let down by the Mustangs. You may occasionally need to attend to something, but they ALWAYS run and always get you home.

              FYI: The Saab 9-3 2.0t Convertible (Vecta) model I have cost me 28,500 (thats about $57,000). Now what is a new Mustang? Under half that price!!!!!

              That means I could buy a Mustang, spend the same on improving it and have a car FAR better than anything else for the money - or I could just but a Saleen!


              Mick . . .


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                Dodge FTMFW...

                anything in the LX platform for a carpc install, large dash and very nice interior

                (in case you don't know what the LX platform is...its the Charger, Magnum, and Chrysler 300)

                New avenger's arent too shabby mini chargers
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                  moved to OT.
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