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  • Hepl: free internet access

    Hi guys, my boss is going tu USA next week. He has a notebook
    and wants to connect it to the internet from Miami and New york. Can you help me with the telephone number to dial, Id and password?

    Thank you

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    Thank you guys you were very helpfull.
    If I can help you in anyway just ask.

    Thanks again


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      what exactly are you asking for? Do you want someone to "lend" you their internet connection for the weekend? cos i certainly wouldnt , unless i knew you.
      I dont know about anywhere else but in new zealand , at least with the isp xtra , the same phone number and l/p can be used across the country , so if you already have a net connection in the US of A then you could ring the isp and ask them.
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        tell him to sign up for netzero or stay in a hotel that offers internet access


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          or grab a wireless card and net stumble till he finds something - shouldnt be too hard in ny or miami
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            goto I work for this company and we offer High Speed internet for about $10 a day. We have weekly rates as well.

            On our web site we list all the hotels we are currently installed in. (mostly marriott name brand)
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