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  • Maxima of Doom... doomed?

    Well I've had this car for less than half a year and a week and a half ago I was in my third accident with it. This is getting a bit absurd.

    The first two were pretty minor, but this time I was broad sided by a young girl who just got her liscense.. By state law she's going have her liscense suspended untill she turns 18 I think.

    This whole insurance thing is annoying, my doors are totally trashed and the insurance company is saying that they are going to press that they want to have the doors repaired rather than replaces... my doors are in BAD shape. One door is so banged up i had to tape a rag to it so that it would reach the door closed switch and not drain my battery keeping the lights on. the other door the edge is mangled, and their is a big gouge through it.

    Luckily I have some pretty good friends to have. My friend told me not to worry about it, his friend will take care of everything and my car will look like new.. hopefully that works out.

    Some time this week I'll be taking everything out of my car (not that there is a lot in there right now anyway, most of it is on my desk.) I'll take photos of everything taken apart, and all the damage to the car. (and photos for people that asked to see things : )
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    First off, did u ***** slap her . Second of all what type of insurance is that... I really hope it is not the same one i currently have cuz i will be looking for a new one. I will really hate for someone to smash up my car and they tell me they wont replace the part but try to fix it. All these yrs i have being shelling out my money, they better not tell me that or i will sue.
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      Dang Shin, that's LAME-O. I hope they end up replacing the doors. Harsh.


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        Further evidence that females should not be allowed to drive.

        Me: 7 accidents in 3 years, all caused by women.

        They will probably end up replacing the doors. Repair costs will be MUCH higher than just getting new ones.
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          I had 4 accidents in 4 Years :

          fist time with my mom's mercedes - The break discs where used and i tried to brake but no way so i hit another car from behind at about 10km/h - ( so not 100% my fault - tecnical fault )
          2nd time- one more time my mothers Benz
          I was at a stop light on the way to airport and my father was talking me in the moment the light got green - the car before me started but suddenly stopped - ( A very doughtful accident )
          Hit it wit <5km/h , and had for 800 - damn !

          3rd time i was on way to school on our "Duck" ( Citroen 2cv ) - on,like Marsjell ( has . And the car driving before me ( A GOLF ( Golf + driver ~18Yrs old = DANGER! ) stopped and i saw that he wanted to go in a parking area to i went backwards stopped and the he accelerated backwwards to about 30km/h and poooww - he hits me - I had the citroen logo on my head for the hole day because i hit the Steering wheel ( the thing to make the car turn )- please don't lough! He was not intelligent enough to clean his back windows of humidity .-

          4rth accident - last January - Golf driver humidity on window that wasn t cleand - ad the guy ruined my old Clio - I had priority - he didn't see me because of humidity - and he hitted my car on the left side at the rear - 2200 ( 2200$) of dammage .

          so all accidents i did not took aprt of responsability where cause by jung Golf drivers - so when i leave my car somewhere I pay attention not beeing sid by side with a Golf .

          Ah yes All accidents caused by man - but had some nearly accidents didn't count the ( too much) where mostly women where invlved -

          Ok one story - was at supermarket - just finised shopping the i saw a women "navigating his car" backwards in direction of mine - and she was looking forward - I run screaming Stoooooopp - and she stopped 5 cm before hitting my car . - That was just in time !

          Now you would say 4 accidents in 4 years thats much - but i'm driving about 35000 to 40000km / year .
          And I can tell you stories of all the accidents I saw and those crazy people I see every day on the road .

          - to no be treated as macho - I think women drive as good as men - Its only a question of practice !
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            Same situation happened to me. Had a girl rear end me when I had a GMC Tracker. The insurance company decided they would replace my bumper cover with a cheaper on that didn't have a moulding on it. I called them and let them know I was taking pictures of it to take to my lawyer to show him how they were trying to degrade the value of my vehicle due to an accident where I wasn't at fault. I even went as far as to provide them with the correct part number for my bumper cover. Two days later it magically appeared and was put on. Funny how the words, lawyer and small claims court do that to people.
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              speaking of bumpers, I need to go and try to get those from that junker.