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  • Toronto (Canada) computer show..

    Well i just got back from the computer show in Toronto. Lots of deals if you look hard enough, like two booths selling 900mb CDR's ( i didn't even know they made them ). I ended up buying 2 Palm III's for $36 each, a Palm foldable keyboard $20 , A digital answering machine $15, a removable HD sleave ( so now i have 3 identical ) . I looked around for any small form factor boards like the VIA C3 type with built in CPU but there was none. They did however have a small all in one motherboard (no TV out) with a Duron 1200 CPU included with heatsink and fan for $125 / $139 ( couple of different booths had them) .

    Anyhow if anyone in the Toronto area is looking for Palm's ( They Had a booth called "" and had boxes of them, but make sure you check them out since i tested at least 3 dud's! ) I'd say it's worth the $9 entrance fee and $9 Parking.
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    was that teh compusale thing? i went to it last year and got a set of speakers, but that was it...


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      After reading the 900MB CDRs comment I smelled something was fishy...
      So I looked at the date: Holy ****! This empty thread is nearly 4 years old!
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        whats with the recent trend of thread resurrections?
        carputer - done.