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Problem with my remote control..

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  • Problem with my remote control..

    moderators - if it doesn't belong to here, please move the thread but don't lock..

    Hey you..
    I have a problem with my remote control of my "Ford Focus".
    It sometimes working and sometimes not.

    I took it to the garage and he said that it was nothing; He repaired it and it worked good.

    2 days ago, the problem came again.
    I can't open/close my car with the remote control

    What is the problem?
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    Hmmm, focus remote. focus remote. I just don't see the relation.

    "he said it was nothing", but he repaired it?

    How could he repair "nothing".

    Did you pay for it??? I'd bring it back., E-Cig Mods
    "A great smoking alternative"


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      I paid, ya.
      He said "It's Nothing" because it isn't a big problem.

      He said that it was just the remote control itself that wasn't good.
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        Moved to Off Topic.

        TGF, please read my PM to you.
        If you don't understand what I'm attempting to convey, please ask. I want to make it abundantly clear.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          I don't know that anyone on here can help you. It seems that you just wanted to vent about it. You don't give much information about the problem.

          Does your remote range decrease when your carPC is running? Mine did. This is typical of some fords and other makes too. Is there something you can do about it if that is the problem? maybe.