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  • For a Chevy Nut

    The so called BENDIX (Solenoid) is the culprit here. the spring is not engaging to bring the starter's gear into place to turn the flywheel.

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    For a Chevy Nut

    A buddy of mine has a 1994 Blazer Tahoe LT, which has a busted starter(or solenoid, but more about this later...) The issue is, when I go onto Autozone's or Advance's website to quote prices, I have no idea what vehicle to pick. For 94, there is a generic Blazer, or I can choose a S-10 Blazer. The buddy, swears its a Blazer Tahoe LT... What's a Honda guy to do?

    BTW: The starter doesn't always engage, when you turn the key, you can hear the motor spinning, its just not turning the flywheel. I suggested just replace the starter/solenoid asslembly. Thoughts?
    2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC


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      This is an s10 blazer

      This is a fullsize blazer


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        The full sized Blazer is the same as the GMC Tahoe.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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