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Detachable face as remote control

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  • Detachable face as remote control

    Hey guys.

    Last year when I was tossing around ideas about how to control my system I thought for a while about mounting the face of my head unit away from its body. The plan was to build a custom enclosure for a screen and the head unit face beause the whole unit would not fit where I wanted it to. I had planned on just running some wires from the pins on the back of the face to the unit. That as all before I realized that my budget was not unlimited though....

    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys know of anybody who has successfully done this?

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    I have seen in done at several car audio shows, so it is very do able.


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      Yeah it can be done and just requires a custom cable from the headunit to the face. (as well as something to hold down/connect the circuit that is connected to the little button on the deck that gets pressed down when the face is put on. (which activiates the unit).

      I'm sure you know all this but yes in short, like said it can be done, just depends on the work you want to put into it.

      Josh Karger
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