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  • Good CAD Software?

    So the last time I used CAD was AutoCAD r12 on Win3.1 (which I believe I have on 6 or 7 floppy diskettes somewhere) on a Pentium 1 machine, so im a bit out of the loop when it comes to both software and skills, but whats a good, basic cad app? I want to do a custom case for my next carpc, and wanted to mock it up in cad first. Any suggestions are welcome.

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    All the engineers at SLU use Autocad. Ive personally never used it, but I hear its pretty cool. I like to keep backup copies of other people's programs on my server just incase their desktops die and need to reload their programs back . This service is free of charge to everyone.


    Autocad 2002 is 130mb. Sorry if its slow...Ill be moving off campus in 2 months. DL speeds will be much better. If you dont have Download Accelerator Plus..get it, it will help you and me a whole lot!
    I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

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      autocad 2002 is the only thing i would ever consider. When you count the add in programs (architectural, inventor) you cannot beat it for just about anything.
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        I actually planned my case out using 3d studio max
        But that's because it was what I was familiar with.


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          i like minicad which is now called vector works, much simpler to use then autocad, they thought it to us in grade 10 actually. i used it to design my sub box. ... to bad i can't ******* measure though..

          oh ya.. and it was fairly easy to aquire over the net.

          ******* mini cad send me a trial cd,
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            You best edit that post, son Mother Cake is gonna bake your arse for such language.


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              okeydokey -

              By far, the defacto standard in CAD software is Autocad. Current version is 2002, but lots of companies I've bumped into still use R14 - more than likely because their custom plugins were all written for it. Getting 2002 is difficult because all of the full versions require a keyserver on your LAN or a physical key-dongle. You -can- get AutoCAD LT pretty easily though, and that should be able to do most of what you need to get done.

              Yeah, you can flesh out your designs in 3DS Max, but you can't use it as a true CAD because MAX doesn't keep an accurate track of measurements and scale.


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                Yeah, I was gussing that they were still the standard, but i was wondering if there were any decent freeware apps, and it would seem that 2002 isnt that hard to get, just to get working, and the whole reason i want cad is so that i can accurately mock some things up

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                  ACAD 2000 is easily "borrowed" and can do anything most people will ever need

                  2002 is a bit trickey
                  "Getting 2002 is difficult because all of the full versions require a keyserver on your LAN or a physical key-dongle"-CrazyLittle

                  ACAD Mechanical 5 has 2001 with it but runs painfully slow and will cause issues with straight 2000

                  Solid works can do some cool chit and is somewhat easy to learn but ACAD is is quicker if you know what your doing

                  Pro-E is hard to learn and "aquire" but does some amazing FEA and modeling

                  3d studio max is great for rendering/animating stuff you create in ACAD

                  this is all from 9 years CAD experience, and I use ACAD 2000 almost every day, 2002 would be nice but the price of upgrading 10 computers for only afew addons and more security is not worth it

                  If you have used R12 (windows version not dos) you can pick up 2000 or 2002 quickly
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                    The engineers I work with (surgical equipment engineering/manufacturing company) do occasionally use AutoCAD, but mainy Solid Works.... the bulk of our design projects are rendered with Solid Works 2001...
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