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If you HAD to take a second job, what would it be?

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  • If you HAD to take a second job, what would it be?

    I'm not talking about any sort of 'dream career' or something that looks permanent. If you had to take a second job to make ends meet in the home what would you pick?

    I am needing to do this and I am pondering either working at a local gas station twice a week during the night or something else. It needs to be a low stress job.

    Any suggestions?
    (strip clubs are not considered an option people )
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    I suggest a security guard, if you are in school this job is really good, you can study while you are there. If you can get a gun permit then the security job pays very very very well. Or at a hotel front desk, or a Network/Server Admin graveyard shift.

    If you dont mind me asking how much does this job pay? (the one you are conisdering)


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      I wouldn't think of the gas station.. especially since the winter season is coming.

      arsalan_altaf's suggestions were pretty good, you might consider seeing if a local pizzeria needs help or something. If you do deliveries you should make pretty good cash on tips
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        depends on the real reason I was taking the job and what else I was doing at the time and what you call low stress. If you have a UPS warehouse around I have heard that job is crap but pays pretty good for people that have no skills (except for sometimes heavy lifting) and all the people I have known work there nights. But for myself I would try to work at a retail electronics store (best buy/circut city) because I spend more money than I should on computers and movies so if I worked at one of them I would get some kind of discount on both of them.


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          Best Buy! The place is pretty gay, but one hell of a discount, I am working there right now, about 4 hours a week just for the discount. My parents just bought a large TV and I saved over $700 on it, I also get first dibs on open items, and can ... choose my price. The only downside is no commision.


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            some great suggestions guys. I work at a call center for the state of iowa and it pays pretty well. on the side i do some tech support here as well. since christmas is approaching and my wife and i just had a baby things are starting to tighten up on our budget. some extra cash during the winter season would be great. i've done some subcontracting work for webdesign and in home tech support calls. it doesn't happen often enough though for me to rely on it as a monthly income. i might check into the security guard places. we have some business quite close to my actual fulltime job that would offer that type of employment.

            thanks again for the responses.
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