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  • Messenger service SPAM

    Anyone running Windows XP/2000/NT that is connected the to the Internet get a spam messenger service message yet? I got my first this morning then I figured one was enough and I disabled the messenger service.,00.html

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    If you are getting spam on that messenger service then you have more to worry about as you have too many ports open. You need to be behind some sort of hardware router/firewall.


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      Good point. I am usally behind a NAT router, but at school I guess my computer is sitting right on the 'net.


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        schools are the worst. At my last job was a reseller/consultant and a local college I have worked with wanted to provide nternet access to some dorm apartments. I wouldn't sell tham anythng without a PIX firewall. I told them I didn't care if they took a patch cord and bypassed the PIX because anyone who came along after me could see that I had done my part right.


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          I've recieved a few at the shop. Very annoying, so I just disabled the messenger service.

          We can't put our machines behind firewalls since they are web/email/FTP servers. They also run some custom software that needs direct TCP/IP access, as well as Sybase (try firewalling that).
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            I've been getting spam on messenger too.
            From Diploma something...

            But after installing ZoneAlarm, nothing...

            So I guess that is working.
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