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BMC is having trouble with Ford.

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  • BMC is having trouble with Ford.

    I'm posting this on every car related forum I know.

    Ford is putting the heat on car forums like BlackMustangClub, claiming that they are infringing on the copyright name and likeness to all Mustangs.
    Basically, BMC (and some other forums and clubs) can no longer produce calenders, use the name "Mustang", post pictures, or anything of the sort.

    Check out the link.... it gets interesting around page 3.

    Also, note the banner at the top of the screen... all the censors and *******'s.

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    wow, I just read some of that thread & all I can say is wow, ford really isn't using there public relations team too well now are they.

    that is really unbelievable, if I had a product that I wanted to promote, I would be happy & supportive of any & all free advertisement I could get. this has to be one of the stupidest things I have seen in a long time, crush all the free advertisement & **** off many of the true enthusiasts in the name of what? how could they not see that they stand nothing to gain from there actions, nothing. everything that they are trying to stop will not increase there bottom line even $1. but of course, they have a whole lot to loose from there actions... what a bunch of boneheads
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      Ford Marketing Genius

      Unbelievable! I guess I will have to change my avatar


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        so what now? am i suppose to buy a pos bmw or toyota now?
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          Considering the high level of reliability of both BMW & Toyota models, especially when compared to FoMoCo (or other American nameplates), I wouldn't be so quick to call them a POS.

          Granted, nearly any vehicle will last as long as you need/want if properly maintained. Some makes are metrely more tolerant than others.
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          How about the Wiki?

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