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  • Dealer sticker question

    Hi guys! This is my first post since I totalled my car in August. But I just got a new car, a 1992 Chevy Cavalier. It's a great car and I'm already hard at work on it. But does anyone knoe how to remove the dealer sticker on the back of the car? You know, the plactic one that's meant to look like the manufacturer's chrome/plastic labels? I don't want to blister or scratch the paint, but I'd sure like to get that eyesore off the back of the car. Thanks!

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    It's been a few years since I removed one, but I think I started out with heat. NOT a heat gun! Don't wanna blister the paint , just a hair dryer. Then, try soaking the remains in alcohol.

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      If its one of the ones that is thick and chromed (like a normal badge, which it sounds like it is).. Heat it up a little either with a warm car wash spray (if you have that) or a hairdryer on low (and far away).. Once its a little warm you should be able to floss it off.. by floss, I mean just that. Carefully use a piece of dental floss to work it off.. Once you get it off just use some wd-40 etc to get the remaining tape goop off..

      If its a sticker or vinyl.. The best way I found was to use a high pressure washer and just angle it at the corner for a few seconds.. Mine flew off once I got the angle right.
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        mine just peeled off with a little extra pull.

        you can probably get it off with the hairdryer and floss (or fishing line). most dealer stickers and even car badges can be taken off with this method. they even come off without the heat in most cases. in fact, a hot days sun will be enough to warm it in most cases.

        after you take it off, you will probably want to use something like "Goo-Gone" or another citrus based cleaner to remove the residue.

        also, another good idea when taking these things off it to give your car a good wash and wax afterwards.. afterall, think about how long that thing has been on there. and it probably hasnt seen any wax or any other treatments in a while.

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          THanks for the tips! It is one of those plastic badges, so peeling won't be possible. But I'll definitely try the heat and floss combo.


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            hair dryer and some fishing line, heat it up, and slide the line under it.

            Then use some goo-gone to finish up the sticky goo.
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              If you just got it, I'd take it back and make them take it off. Especially with the quaility of service I had at the dealership I got my car from, there was no way I wanted to be a driving billboard for them. Luckily I only had liscense plate holders. But all the aforementioned methods should work well. And if your car badges are attached the same way, you can also pull them off in the same fashion.

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                Unfortunately, the car is a 1992 and the dealership went under 4 years ago after the owner was jailed for fraud...

                ...but the car runs great!