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This is REALLY messed up!! AT&T is MEAN!!!

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  • This is REALLY messed up!! AT&T is MEAN!!!


    WOW!!! I can't believe they did this to this couple that lost their house in the San Diego wildfires in October of '07

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    ATT support post-Cingular buyout to now has sucked big time.

    We just got stuck with a $1600 data charge on our unlimited data plan, and after over 20hours on the phone (which they took off of our minutes too), and elevating it through all the supervisors we finally got the charge credited. Luckily we are able to pay our bill while in this limbo of ATT support hell if they can call it support. But they actually shut our cellphones off for a day which was total bull****. Bill was due on Feb. 15th, this was on the 10th that they shut off our phones for non-payment... wha?? Never missed a payment, all payed 100%, always paid ontime, then hours after calling and complaining about a bad charge, they shut off our phones for not paying a bill that is not due for another 5 days? Then they tried to tell us that it is a $35 per phone charge to get it turned back on. It should never have been shut off in the first place, but that didnt matter to them...

    This is all with the daytime people. We gave up with those assholes, and called the 24hour "emergency" support line, and they were much smarter, and got them to reverse all the charges. But we were able to pay it in the mean time while fighting. Lots of other people couldnt do that, and they seem to make up their own rules as they go and do what they want... Basically the G.W. Bush type of management...
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      ATT? I think they should of keep the Cingular name after the merged. Not that Cingular name is better than ATT but at least it doesn't **** me off.
      I used to have them for landline long distance (that was long ago) and GTE for local. Called up ATT to cancel the service. Well they suppose to cut off the service but no. The service is cut but not the charge. It only 3 or 4 bucks so I didn't really pay attention that much. 3 months laters when my phone bill was a little shorter than normal, I look it up and the charge still there. Call ATT and they said I never cancel. ****ed off I call GTE and inform them to cut the long distance because I'm not going to pay the service charge to ATT. The following bill, it was gone.
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