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Changing rims?

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  • Changing rims?

    Please do not flame me for all the off-topic car questions. It's just that you guys are really helpful.

    Anyway, the question:

    I'm looking at new rims and I don't want to pay to take the car in to get them shanced. I feel farily confident that I could use the car's jack and tire iron to remove the stock wheels, but I don't know how to change the tires over to the new rims. Is it possible/practical to do this without that fancy machine the shops have? If so, what's the best way? THanks!

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    Re: Changing rims?

    ah I would say no to this.... firstly if your tyre iron slips and hits the nice new rims say bye, bye to nice rims

    secondly, im guessing you have currently steel rims with stocky tyres? most (not all) rims you would wanna get will require a lower profile tyre and/or a wider tyre (most mag wheels/rims are fatter than stock rims) anyway... meaning you cant do a straight swap of rubber.....

    so, no its not really practical at all..... pick the rims and the tread, and get it all done in-shop....
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      yup, tires have to be properly installed by a shop, because the tires have to be balanced. dont try to do this yourself. if you buy new tires at places like price club, they will install them for you.
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        Ah, right. I had forgotten about the balance issue. That alone is reason enough. Thanks! Pardon the lamer post...