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My new portable compaq computer (this is a must read:) )

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  • My new portable compaq computer (this is a must read:) )

    Sooooooo, my firend tells me he has a belated birthday present. After getting $5 in 31 cent scoop B&R, i head home and ifnd him waiting. he said he got me a new portable compaq computer, but with a big smile on his face. His daughter is giggling. He tells me it is in the trunk. so i go in the back...and then i started to laugh too.

    I want to introduce you to my new compaq computer, almost fully loaded, but needs a new hard drive and didn't come wiht a battery. Oh well, it was a gift. It comes with a spacious, color screen, its got a built in carry handle, some ingenious features. and it makes a statement. I gurantee you no one else on the block has one. Plus, i don't think i will be putting Windows on it!

    Yup, it works! Just look at it crush my dinky little x50v pocket pc under its impressive girth!
    its the original :-D Just look at em specs!
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    $100 for the first person to install this into their car :P.


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      Buy Sell or Trade
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      Thank you
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        Bad ***! I've always wanted one of these suitcase style "Portable" computers... damn!

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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          <grumbles> . . . they would s__t their pants to know that some of us actualy remember when that was a coveted piece of equipment.

          Operations owned exactly "one" of those and a friend of mine got to take it home. We were like a couple of kids who found a Playboy, giggeling like . . .

          Its a "DeskPro" no?

          I tell you one thing, the way the old machines were built, I guarantee you could put it in your car, run the car into a pole and the computer would still be happily running when the car disintegrated around it.
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