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Help: Building bike with electric scooter motor

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  • Help: Building bike with electric scooter motor

    Ahoy hoy mp3car, its been ages.

    I have a question and I want to throw it this way because I know that you guys can help me answer it. My job is about five miles out from my house. I would typically bike that distance, but its mainly uphill (9-10% grade) and my job already requires a demanding level of physical labor I can't really waste every morning trying to scale a hill.

    I've had to drive, but I'd rather not shell out money for gas. I'm going to put an electric motor on my bike, and I've come to the belief that I'd like to use a scooter motor. I've already considered the idea of a starter motor, but they're too large and inefficient. Gas motor kits are skyrocketing in price on ebay and I can't justify it with my budget. I'd rather keep the price low and the ethic DIY.

    So the question I have is simply how powerful a scooter motor I need. I don't know what sort of gear ratio I'll be using yet, likely won't know until I scavenge a sprocket from the local bike repair shop. How many watts will I need?

    Any comments appreciated.

    I hope the mods don't realize I can still post.

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    I don't wanna sound like I'm spamming, but you can find plenty of info about diy stuff like gokarts and mini bikes, etc at I'm one of the mods there.
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