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    Hey people here in australia x box's have been getting cheaper and cheaper. I dont know much about them so the question i am asking is probally stupid as. I just wanted to know is it possible to use one of these in you car and like say make it so its a dual boot. One is for the x box software and have like windows on another partition. I know the x box is bassed on a pc so is this possible?

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    right now there is only linux for the xbox and you need a mod chip for that to work.
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      you would need a mod chip, but there is no need to have any os on the Xbox, you can use a bootloader (evolutionX if I remember the name properly) and there are many mp3 playing and media playing shells available for the xbox. You could have your pic from any number of them.

      a modded xbox normally costs between $230 - 300 in the US, so I believe about double that in AUD.



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        I can get a normal x box now in australia with dvd remote and 3 games included for just under $400 aud. I might just stick to the normal pc for now cause i dont wanna go out and get it modded and stuff and then find out it wont work.
        Thanks for the info anyways guys.