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  • christmas presents

    okay, since you all think like me and people i know, what would you like for christmas that is under $50? I have shopping to do for various people.... and I am quickly running out of ideas besides those really cool 2" long RC cars.
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    I just got my zipzaps rc car a porsche 911 turbo . All need now is to get the faster motor.

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      I bought a bunch of those super cheap creative remotes as stocking stuffers.. I gotta bang things around in my head to figure out what else i'm gonna do
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        What are the ages of the people?

        Cheap but pretty cool and VERY useful are Digital Tire Guages. My ma got me a really nice chrome plated one for $20. Comes with a nice silver case. Seems like a corney gift, but when I pull that bad boy out...everyone goes oooo. I think Radio Shack is selling them now...

        USB keychain hard drives. Getting pretty cheap, but also somewhat useless if you have webspace.

        Sporting event tickets...
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