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Dual Zone Microwave Sensor?

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  • Dual Zone Microwave Sensor?

    Hi guys ;-)

    I've had one of these: ... dZViewItem dual stage microwave sensors for a while now.

    When I first bought it I was having problems wiring it up because despite the manufacture saying it had a standard plug on the end all it had was 4 wires, the problems I was having was when I connected the trigger wire to the door earth trigger of the alarm it was causing some kind of back feed and making the alarm go off, I fixed this by fitting a diode to the sensors wire.

    I then ended up wiring up one of the sensor wires to a 12v power wire

    ive now wired everything up how it should but the dam thing wont

    What's happening now is when I arm the alarm the green led come on for 15 seconds then I get a chirp but none of the sensors are working . I can literally hold it and the alarm doesn't go of neither doe the exterior alarm.

    Does anyone know what the problem could be?

    Ill try and attach a scan of the wiring diagram..etc

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      You shouldn't connect it to the door trigger as that defeats the dual zone part of it. You should have a 4 wire cable going to your dual zone shock sensor. The wires should be the same color (black, red, blue, green). Sometimes the colors are different for zone 1 and 2. I bought quite a few different shock sensors. All the ones I played with had an internal diode for protection so it's usually safe to wire as many as you want in parallel. All 4 wires. I have a sort of triple Y-plug.

      It shouldn't set off the alarm though. There should no voltage coming from the trigger wires.

      You should check that with a DMM and also make sure it's not damaged. Connect it to black and each zone to make sure it shows 0V. Red and each zone will show 12V (pull to ground) when triggered.


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        Thanks for the reply ;-)

        Its a dual zone microwave sensor (not shock) like the one being sold here:

        It was only fitted to the door trigger to activate the alarm when the internal sensor was triggered.

        I think there is a internal fault with the sensor because it has a led that is supposed to light up to help you adjust it but the only time this lights up is while its powering up (15 seconds). I've popped the sensor open but im not sure what to look for. I can post up some pic's if anyone wants to help me out?

        Thanks again


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          I don't think pics would do any good. It came without the connector so I'd wonder if it's been used and abused. Maybe it didn't work right to begin with.

          Shock and microwave sensors are made to be interchangable. They use the same pins for the same power/signals. They run on a regulated 12V so don't connect it direcly to the car.

          I would think that the first 15 secs is when it's calibrating and any motion less than after that will be ingored so try not to move at first and see if that helps. It really should light up all the time and use different colors for each zone.


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            Thanks again for replying ;-)

            Sorry I should have said in my first post.

            When I was playing around trying to wire it up (when I firs bought it) everything seemed to be working if anything the sensors where working too good and I needed to turn the sensitivity down. the let also was going on and off while I made the adjustments.

            Im thinking something has buggerd up inside it now that's why I opened it up (im usually a dap hand with electronic and a soldering iron) but im not sure what im looking for as there are no signs of anything resembling a sensor inside :-(

            Thanks again ;-)


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              Oh! Yeah, the sensor is basically a microwave antenna. It's mainly strange looking traces on a PCB. Straight lines and wavy ones. Those are connected to a TX and RX that works like a sort of low power radar. There's not much you can fix though.


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                I was hoping I could just change a cap or resistor


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                  I plugged it in again today and it done its usual thing by lighting up the led while powering up for 15 seconds only now after the 15 seconds I makes the external siren chirp a couple of times but that's all you get from it. after that its dead

                  Here are some pics of the insides:
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                    I think it's time to toss it out and buy a new one.


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                      did you read the manual for the sensor.
                      The adjustment process should be.
                      dip sw 1 on dip sw 2 off - adjust exterior sensitivity
                      dtp sw 1 off dip 2 on - adjust interior sensitivity
                      LED status indcation.
                      solid green power on field setup (first 15 secs).
                      solid yellow trigger output connected to 12V
                      flashing yellow exterior LESS sensitive than exterior.
                      flashing green exterior trigger.
                      flashing red interior trigger.
                      in running mode.
                      both dip switches on - normal operation. (usually a short pulse on outer and long pulse on inner).
                      both dip switches off - exterior output = 3sec pulse.
                      If the alarm a some sort false alarm sensor detection this may need to be turned of to prevent the alarm from disabling the input as faulty.
                      Finally if the sensor is sharing and input with another sensor each trigger needs to be diode isolated (Band away from alarm input to prevent interference between the sensors.


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                        Been over 6 years since that last post you might not get a reply. But thanks for posting the info as it might help someone SNO