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  • Linux or Windows

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this subject. What kind of OS should I use?
    I'm concerned about the start-up and log-off procedure. Windows always takes a long time to shut down properly. Linux is new to me but I heard a lot of positive things about this OS.
    I want to keep the OS as simple as possible as it only needs to support an MP3-player.
    What would you suggest? Are there any particular programs I can use?
    Do I have to have a videocard if I only want to use a simple LCD screen which you can buy as in Tandy, Dick Smith, Jaycar, etc for around AU$25.00?
    Can this LCD be controlled along a parralel port?
    As you can see a lot of questions of which I hope to receive an honest answer to.
    I've got an old Pentium II MMX200 on an Abit mobo sitting here which I want to use for the only purpose of playing MP3 in my car. And as you may expect; I want to keep it as cheap as possible.
    Are there any step-by-step manuals on line?
    Thanks a lot for your help

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    The OS question is one that only you can answer. Stick with what you know unless you're looking to learn a new OS.

    As for the rest of it, I suggest looking at the FAQ at and searching this site; A lot of your questions have been asked and answered before.

    Re your motherboard, it should be plenty if you're only planning on playing mp3.

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      You can get windows 98 boot times down to about 10 seconds from POST, which is about as good as you can get.

      Reading through this site will give you far more information than you can fathom... Ask questions too and people can help you out.

      I have quite a selection of links on my FAQ but it's not very complete, I was hoping for some more help but haven't seen much Time has kept me occupied as well, but I'll add more when I can get to it.

      Good luck!
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