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Problems with laptop --- possible dead battery?

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  • Problems with laptop --- possible dead battery?

    I currently am trying to fix a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100. I got the laptop and when I received it, it has had some issues. The motherboard was not powering up. I would get lights here and there but barely and it wouldnt power up.

    I bought a BRAND NEW motherboard off ebay for $65. I swapped the motherboatd but it still would power up. I charged it for 2 hours and then it powered up. I installed Windows on it and everything was working great! I disconnected the power had it just on battery and it didnt shut off (i only tested that for a couple of seconds). But now, I shut the laptop down for a while and it was disconnected from the wall and now it will not even turn on at all.

    I have a green light for power and an orange light for charging. So i charged the laptop for 2 hours and the orange light went green for a full charge. When i was fully charged, I went to turn the laptop on but it took 3 tries of pressing the power button. The laptop turned on, but it shutdown right at the TOSHIBA screen. Now I cannot turn it back on but I now have a green light for power and the charging light is back to orange.

    Can this be a DEAD battery?

    There is another componet that attaches to the laptop called the POWER board. The power board has the pins where the battery connects to it and it also displays the LED's for the status lights. BUT the lights all light up. Is it possible that that board can be bad? Or does this sound likea battery issue?

    I checked the CMOS battery and that is fine!
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    you bought new board? my guess is battery.
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