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    no thread yet about the two towers?

    what did you guys think of it? not a half bad film by itself, but wtf did they do to faramir's character?

    any thoughts?


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    I loved it. But whats up with the love triangle thing? I though he was bethrothed to the elvin woman. Who would ditch an elf for a human? Must be all the blood he's lost.

    The Ent's where the best part of the movie in my opinion.


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      I liked it, there were a few parts that werent quite acurate, but they still had the same meaning, only they changed who said this or that.

      The love between aragorn and eowen was in the books, and it wasnt full love, just that she loved him, and he didnt know what arwen was doing. (if she was staying or going to the west).

      now only one more year to wait for the third one.
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        Dude, the fighting trees rocked hard. That was my favorite part of the movie I think.


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          Did anyone catch the mistake while Gandolf went to see King So-and-So? (can't remember his name)

          As he walked in the room, from the camera angle on his back he's walking with his stick and when the camera is in front of him he isn't using it to walk.

          I loved the movie. Truely amazing. Love the tree battle part. Golem, even though it was motion capture, was awesome.

          I am definatly going to see it again. Next time will be at the IMAX theater at Channelside.
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            I saw fotr at home on dvd and lotr tt in the theater... man was the movie brighter