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I need small USB cables

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  • I need small USB cables

    Anyone know brnads/sites that sell real small usb cables (the ones like on a usb mouse). I'm modifying a USB hub for my new latop and most of the cables I find are all too thick. I can get cable to make my own and have found some connectors, but I need a female A so if I can just find a small slim extension I can cut it.

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    Here a web site with a 1mm usb cable here

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      Originally posted by allenruble
      Here a web site with a 1mm usb cable here
      Allen, that is 1 meter. Not millimeter. ^_^;;


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        What I'm looking for is not short length, but small diameter cable. Most of the ones I find are thick and inflexible.


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          Although I don't know what exists, have you looked at laptop accessory's as they tend to be smaller in general...

          Or perhaps find a junk mouse and remove the cable. Not sure how you will solve the female connector problem though...



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            75'......I have to know... WHY?


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              I believe this is what you are looking for...

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                It doesn't list the diameter of the cable. HAve you bought one so you can tell me the diameter?


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                  here is another cable that looks to be extremely skinny:
                  but again i could not find the actual diam. good luck man
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