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Suggestions for a computer speaker system....

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  • Suggestions for a computer speaker system....

    I got a $50 Best buy gift card dealymabobber for xmas. I desperately need a new audio setup for my computer. anyone have any experience with anything that is available at BB??? i'm looking for a 2.1 system. i think i can stand to spend ~$30 over the card, so $70-80 range.....

    any ideas?


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    The new Logitech Speakers sound great, although for a 2.1 setup they might cost less then your card, so you could get something better with your money.
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      i am dying to stand up and yell KLIPSCH!!! but they are a bit out of your price range No one seems to make good 2.1 speakers in that price range.. they all are either $20 2.1 setups or 4.1, etc... oh well
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        Altec Lansing makes a good set of 2.1's for about $30


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          i agree with the Altec Lansing's. i have an older set which i got like 4 years ago and they are some of the best (2.1) speakers i have ever heard. The model number is ACS45.1 but they dont make that model anymore. They still make the same speakers, just diff. model number. I know 2 other computer "nuts" like myself that have the same ones and absolutely love them.
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