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  • Find out who owns 800 number

    There is this broad who must be dumber than a pile of dirt who has been running an automated dialer and having an automated message play. If I don't answer the phone, the software starts talking to my voicemail recording. Wonders of the modern age.

    Anyway, I want to find out who this dumb ***** is. Her little toy called me at 9:30 PM TONIGHT. She has called EVERYDAY for the past TWO WEEKS. I'm ready to find a board with a nail in it and start swinging away.

    So, here's the details:
    Caller ID reports this number calling:


    Obviously bogus.

    The number she gives out (the only part recorded by my voicemail) is:

    1-800-662-3442 x3704

    Two questions. 1. Anyone know of a way to find out who owns an 800 number?

    2. I must plot my revenge. Give me your best ideas. She's calling my business line, so I can't just call and say, "Eat my **** you ***** **** ****** evil **** horse's **** filthy ***and *** and ******* skank. "

    Best ideas get a cookie and a date with Carmen Electra.*

    *The preceeding statement was an untruthitude.
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    Thats a lot of "*"s. Have you called back the 800 number? What is she calling about? Call the phone company, most states have laws against auto-dialers.

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      Have you tried contacting the phone company?


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        that may help!
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          well, at least you could leave your phone off the hook, so that it cant call anyone else.
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            Maybe one of those telezappers might work? I wouldnt answer those types of calls they could be anywhere like asia,europe. And have hidden charges's.


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              call the phone company and have it blocked
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                Re: Find out who owns 800 number

                Originally posted by Gutter

                Two questions. 1. Anyone know of a way to find out who owns an 800 number?
                Let me take a crack @ it in the AM. I'm pretty famaliar with the telco system.