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Welp, I've had enough...

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  • Welp, I've had enough...

    After 2 1/2 years of being in Penn State's computer engineering program, and 4 1/2 months of working at Lutron Electronics as a engineering intern, not to mention a 3.5 GPA all the while, I've decided I don't want to do computer engineering anymore.

    I can remember the reason I got into it. I was real thrilled durin the 80s with Knight Rider, the DeLorean time machine, the Batmobile, all of which had real cool gadgets and stuff. I thought designing computer hardware and software would put me in an opportunity to express my creativity but so far it hasn't done that and doesn't appear to show any likelihood of doing so.

    So after talking to the webmaster from and some admissions people at some car design schools I've decided that's what I really want to do. I need something both technical but that allows me to be creative. I think designing cars will do that for me, and unlike computer engineering, I don't think doing it for 8 hours a day will feel like dragging a deer through molasses. I remember spending 16 hours a day playing with 3D studio and I'm hoping this will be similar.

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    how the hell do you know what dragging a deer through molassas feels like? well anyway...

    good luck with your little change of plans. at least you're still doing something with computers.
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      Best of luck!!!
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        I remember spending 16 hours a day playing with 3D studio

        16 hours! when I was a lad, I'll go missing for days playing with 3D Studio.

        Kids these days?

        And the sad part is, I still do it.

        Best of luck!!


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          i feel the same way. I'm 23 working as a sys admin and can't see myself in the computer field in another 5 years.
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            I realized after gr12 programing class that programing is really boring, and that i dont like being stuck in front of a computer coding all day.

            Im going into mechanical engineering next year, and hopefully that will be interesting enough for me.
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              I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with my life.

              I've been accepted to college, with a load of scholorships, and I want to go to college, and I want to do something technical, but I'm not sure what.

              The problem is, I'm really not good with Math.
              I passed Trig with a B, but I absolutely hated it, I struggled with it, and the only reason I got the good grade, was because I had to have the teacher constantly help me.

              I'm still toying with the idea of joining the Airforce. It'd be fun, but I'm not sure I'd want to go to the middle east.
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                I'm all about the Civil Engineering , even tho I work in IS/IT currently, no one that I work with can believe that I wont be going for a EE or a CompE, and every time I can't help but think to myself "do you know how boring it is for 9/10 of those jobs? especially entry level?" That and I'm all about playing with hardware, not coding Glad you came to your senses, good luck with the design stuff.

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                  The problem is that you have to be good in the computer field. If you don't work 16 hours, someone else will and they'll take your job, these days, gladly. The solution, if your good with people, get into the pre-sales engineer position for a company. Still technical, good money, and of course the wine and dine benifits of sales. Best move I ever made. (working from home, expense account, etc... are a huge plus also)


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                    OR go to work for yourself. Best damned thing I ever did.


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                      Originally posted by hijinks21
                      i feel the same way. I'm 23 working as a sys admin and can't see myself in the computer field in another 5 years.
                      this is what worries me too. i just started my 4th semester as a computer science student. i honestly don't know if this is what i really want..... i keep hoping i figure things out soon....



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                        Get an internship, man. That's how I figured it out. It's really 2 different things to be doing comp sci stuff for 1 project a week, and then be doing 'comp sci projects' 8 hours a day for a few months. Go see what it's all about.


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                          excuse my ignorance, but wtf is an internship? (i`m also 1/2 way thru comp sci/audio tech, btw)...
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                            You go work for a company for a few months while still in school. It's a good way to get experience before you're in the job field, and gives the companies an excuse to pay you less.


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                              you're 1/2 through a comp sci program and they haven't said anything to you about internships yet??

                              generally they suggest you do an internship with a company around your sophmore - junior year. you'll go work for the company pretty just for 6 months. get paid for it, get good job experience, learn a lot