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  • Email scam - Paypal - Hotmail

    I have an account with both hotmail and paypal. I recently recieved an email subject stating:

    Notification of recent innovations taken by MSN Hotmail

    and on this screen it is basically just like a login at hotmail. The trick is that it has a reply-to address of:

    MSN Hotmail Support Center <[email protected]>

    I went and did a whois on and it doesn't exsist

    I recieved an email almost exactly like that one from paypal I think this is a scam.

    i would like your comments...

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    just don't give out your passwords.

    Hacked paypal accounts sell for pretty cheap on the net. The thing is most people have the same pass for everything. So they get the pass for one they get the pass for all (ebay/email/e*trade.. you name it) . Make sure they all don't match and keep tabs on everything that can screw you on the internet.


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      NEVER give your passwords to ANYONE, including your mother, your brother, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, and most definately NOT A PAYPAL/HOTMAIL/ONLINE Employee!

      Think about it: They get paid a whopping $8? Just how tempting is it to fish for a couple grand that they could easily swipe from your paypal?


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        ya no company will EVER contact you about giving them your password.
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          by the way... fake login pages sucker a lot of people in. It's not difficult to make a login page identical to paypal of hotmail. You enter your password and it forwards you back to paypal/hotmail or tells you your login cannot be processed.. and they get your login and pass.

          Make sure you NEVER click on one of those links in an email and try to login. Make sure you look at the address bar and be sure of just where you're logging in. Hotmail looks a lot like hotmall and hotmali.. you get the idea.


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            But if you do ever get caught trying to log into - please spare us the details.


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              Originally posted by CrazyLittle
              But if you do ever get caught trying to log into - please spare us the details.
              That's hilarious...


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                and just think, probably has gotten about 20 hits just from you typing that......

                not one from MEEE though