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Do you really care for your car?

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  • Do you really care for your car?

    Do you really take very good care of your car just as if it is an extended family member? I have seen people especially a community named Parsis taking really good care of their cars. Thanks

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    Yes of course! Everyday I clean my car from the inside and the outside part of it. I treat it as an important member of the family as it takes as where we go, we use it for vacation and picnic. You see there are lots of uses in our car so there's no reason that people would not take care of it.


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      Yes i do really care for my car and My car is my life.


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        Yes, I do.I like my car so much. It is my partner in many long distances. Everyday I have my car cleaned and There are many luxury and expensive internal equipments in my car.


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          funny how i am the first poster in this thread with more then 5 posts..

          i have too many hobbies, so the car is starting to get left behind-- it used to get washed weekly, now it gets washed when i feel like it..(it took me almost a year to finally get a gas lid painted, and reinstalled..)
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            Of course I look after my car.

            It gets washed every December whether it needs it or not.

            And I too am like the Parsis - I keep my camel(s) clean too. (But I can't help their breath!)


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              Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
              i have too many hobbies, so the car is starting to get left behind
              I couldn't have said it better myself
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