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    Need a mod to contact me about the forum rule in the classified section.

    I really want to post up my car pc for sale and want to sell it on here where it will go to a good home and dont want to go through the forums posting stupid and pointless responses to post just to get my post count up so I can sell my old car pc.

    My username is my real name and I will even provide my personal phone number to the buyer and accept paypal if the buyer is in the US and added protection.

    Forcing people to spam posts to sell something isnt the best way to go about "protecting" forum members. Maybe have buyers ask for a verified paypal account, a heatware profile, post an ebay auction. These are all good ways to protect yourself.

    Can anything be done so I can sell my old car pc?

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    I disagree. After a rash of zero post seller scams, we implemented this rule to reduce the frequency of occurrences. It has worked.

    In addition, the classified section isn't strictly open to 'anyone'. It is open to contributing members of the community who want to sell their items to each other.

    What we saw over time, due to the popularity of this community for car PC related items, was people who have not contributed to it simply using it to sell electronics. This was accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of scams.

    Although Mp3car makes it clear that there is no involvement or obligation on its part if a scam occurs, inevitably members would contact asking for personal information regarding scammers and wanting assistance in the resolution of disputes in the classifieds.

    The post limit was imposed in a successful effort to curb the number of instances. It works. Can people spam the forum to try and get a post count to sell in the classifieds? Sure. They can always fake it some way.

    I mean this in the most gentle way, as you seem to be quite sincere, but if you are not interested enough in this hobby to contribute to the forums in some way but rather want access to it to sell your wares, perhaps you should look elsewhere. As you noted, there are many, many other places to sell such items than here.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      I noticed where you were going with that post before I even got half through it and I assure you my post count is far from an accurate judgement of my interest in the hobby. Also reffering to my 1 single item as my "wares" is suggesting Im asking for something that Im not.

      I will also disagree with my post count reflecting interest in these forums, although I have not contributed by saying "good job" to someone after a near factory looking install, I have and still do have apreciation the hard work and killer pictures people have posted her of their previous works and the wealth of knowledge that can be found here. Now do I need to register and post to do all of that? No I do not so I have not but I assure you I have very much been here and although not registered I like to think of myself of a member and its a shame a few bad apples have ruined it for everyone when like I mentioned in my previous post their are other ways around this.

      I guess I will go the ebay or craigslist route but its ashame since I know someone here could use it and I was going to ask a very fair price for it. Its a laptop with the screen lopped off and I know on ebay someone will bid it up far more then I think its worth to rebuild it as a laptop instead of using it what I built it for. Was more looking to "pay my dues" by giving people here first dibs.

      Thanks for the prompt response.