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Lilliput screen and in-dash motorized case

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  • Lilliput screen and in-dash motorized case


    I am looking everywhere for a motorized in-dash case without a screen but can't find them anywhere.

    The specific case is for a 7in lilliput screen. I know I've seen them several years ago ...

    Thnx for you help,

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    as far as i know, nothing like that exists-- there is just not enough demand for something like that.

    if you feel that it is the only route to go for your install, start looking through websites like (if it is spelled wrong just search for them) that sell small motor asemblies, and build your own.
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      damn ...
      I already have the screen, just need the case for it.



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        I'm getting ready to attempt essentially the same thing- stuff a 7" Lili into a 1 DIN housing. soundman98 posted a couple of links to a pseudo-similar project done by coucouillu that required a bit more fabrication than I'm hoping for, but came out well. Links are in this thread:

        Presently, I am leaning towards purchasing an old or broken 1 DIN DVD player (with monitor) and gutting it out, using only the mechanical portion and transplanting the glass and electronics of the Lili monitor I just purchased into the chassis of the DVD player. Hopefully I'll be posting build pics here before too long.